We are Open and Treating Patients
Update on COVID-19 (coronavirus) for Our Patients

We are prepared and taking the appropriate measures as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the protection and safety of our patients and staff.

Notice to Current and Prospective Patients

There is a higher risk of infection if you leave your house and you must make the decision whether the risk of coming in for treatment is worth the risk, but until directed by Federal, State or local government to close, we will remain open as long as we can for those that need our services.

We feel morally and ethically obligated to continue to provide services to our patients in need and to support our community in this difficult time. We know that providing services to patients now can help prevent their conditions from worsening. By staying open, we can help our local physicians and hospitals to be able to focus on critical care patients that are infected.

For those of you that need our services, but can not come in, we are now offering telehealth (over the phone and/or computer) to address your needs. Currently it is not paid by insurances, but we do have very reasonable cash pay options (just enough to keep us in business) so you can get help while staying at home.

  • If you’ve traveled overseas, you must stay home for 14 days after returning from travel, monitor your health, and practice social distancing.
  • Anyone that is sick with a fever, cough, or has trouble breathing should call their primary care physician before coming into our clinic.

Welcome to Peltz And Associates Physical Therapy

Our Objective

We are devoted to getting you back to the life you want to live; be it freedom from pain, return to sport, or the ability to do the activities that injury or age has stopped you from doing.

Our Mission

To provide the most advanced, evidence-based physical therapy services to all persons in the North Bay Area.

Although all our physical therapists are able to manage and/or treat all neuromusculoskeletal conditions, we pride ourselves on the following services:

  • Treatment of Low Back, Mid Back, and Neck Pain
  • Treatment for Pain Radiating into Your Arms or Legs
  • Treatment of All Shoulder, Elbow, and Hand Pain
  • Treatment of All Knee, Ankle, and Foot Pain
  • Treatment of All Muscle Pain
  • Pre-Surgical Preparation
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation from Sports Injuries
  • Arthritis Pain Relief
  • Dizziness/Vertigo Relief
  • Lymphedema Services
  • Pelvic Health Treatment
  • Men and Women Health
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Performing Our Best!
  • I have seen 22 other therapists, and without a doubt, Dr. Peltz, has been the only one who understands my condition, my needs, and how to assist me. For the first time, I really feel that I can recover.

    Jack C.

  • I have known Dr. Peltz for several years, both as a patient and as a psychotherapist referring patients to him. Not only did my patients improve with his treatments, they also spoke highly of his warm and caring manner as he helped them reach their mutual goals.

    Lillian K., MFT

  • You could say my finding Dr. Peltz was a great stroke of luck, but that wouldn't be accurate. Dr. Peltz's knowledge was immediately obvious and he answered every question I had in easily understood language (I'm no scientist). For, while it was a short list of physical therapists that shared his scholastic credentials, I know from experience that it was a much shorter list still who shared Dr. Peltz's ability to listen to what I had to say. To me, this is the truest test of any great clinician.

    Dave B.

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